Will (fat) Walters: GUITAR & VOCALS

 A legend in his own lunchtime, Will Walters warm vocals and bluesy guitar have graced many a venue across the UK, and a few overseas. With his trusty vintage Fender Blues De Ville amplifier behind him and slung with one of his growing collection of guitars he is a well-known character on the live music scene. Past band credits include Cornwall-based Ruff As Ratz, Herts and Beds-based The Suspects, and The Marlins. But Will has done plenty of solo work as well, the most exotic including some busking work In St Tropez and Northern Spain. Along the way he has played alongside some great musicians including Tim Aves (Rocking Armadillos), Honey Boy Hickling, Bob Hokum, Sam Kelly (Station House) and Clive Jenner (The Proclaimers)

 Will's favourite artists include Los Lobos, The Killers, Coldplay and The Editors and he claims that Clapton, Robert Cray and current band mate Rick Parker have been the key influences on his music style - alongside good beer. Those keen to identify which guitar he is playing at any gig might like to know the list: Duesenberg Starplayer Ron Wood Special Edition, Gibson Les Paul Special, Fender Telecaster, Fender 40 Anniversary Stratocaster and a Fender Telecaster Jerry Donahue Special. The favourite - the Les Paul.


 Rick took up guitar at 14, and later formed a band at school. He first started regular playing in the 70's with Bristol based funk band "Full House" (who became the "Planetz" when Frankie Miller pinched the name for his band). Full House/Planetz played all over the UK in pubs, clubs, military bases, and also the odd festival as well as a short tour of Germany, Holland and Belgium. After a break of about twelve years (to earn some actual money), Rick helped form Bedford- based rock and blues band "The Penang Lawyers" which enjoyed seven successful years despite resisting Rickís many attempts to add his trademark harmonica to the sound. In addition to Hendrix and Clapton, Rick cites "Big Brother and the Holding Company" and lesser known "Steamhammer" as strong influences on his style, plus the soulful harmonica playing of the late Paul Delay. Several of Paulís songs now feature in Fat Walters Band's current set.

 Though he dislikes pompous titles, Rick is nevertheless the musical director of the band and has the scars to prove it. He is also the only one who knows how the pa system works! Unusually, Rick plays finger style instead of plectrum and names his favourite instruments as his original 60's Danelectro shorthorn and a Fender Telecaster with Bigsby tremolo; he favours Marshall amplification.

Roland (BigMan) Shaw: DRUMS

Roland is a self taught drummer with over 15 years experience. Versitile and adaptable he does sessions playing rock, funk, jazz, etc....
He has worked with many artists and bands including being Musical Director for Martine Girault (Revival), Audley Anderson (Fame Academy), Rhonda Thomas (backing singer for Issac Hayes), Vivienne McKone, Esta B. Daley and Juliette Ashby. Roland has performed at venues such as Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and toured with Jamiroquai. Roland also teaches and is a producer and composer. He writes regularly for other projects and has also scored web based tv series' and composed the film score for an upcoming movie.

As the baby of the group, Roland is still impetuous and can sometimes get a little too excited playing the set. He drum solos can be a little outrageous and need to be seen to be believed. But Rick is always there with a watchful eye, so he doesn't get too carried away.

Paul (Dogman) Ellis: BASS GUITAR

 Paul has been playing the bass guitar for over 40 years. He started out playing the drums in his brother's band, the tiny feet, who in their day broke all the village hall attendance records covering Bucks and Beds. He then went on to play the bass in the same band, winning battle of the bands in Milton Keynes where judges included the legendary Jim Marshall.. He also played a stint with Kenny Jones, 'that was great.'

 As a founder member of Fat Walters Band, his musical influences are wide and varied from Atlantic Soul to Rock and Blues and most things in-between. Favoured gear includes Marshall valve bass amps and Peavey bass amps, Musicman Stingray and Fender Jazz fretless bass guitars. Paul is not keen on effects pedals as they tend to take away the natural sound of the bass guitar. 'If you have a good one, there is no need for anything else.'