"Tuesdays:the new Saturdays,FWB @ The White Lion,St Albans on Tue 20th May 08"

We first saw the Fat Walters Band three years ago, after The Penang Lawyers stopped gigging - and they were the very best of the local gigging bands at the time. It was great relief to find that Rick had resurfaced in FWB and had more space to release his vision of guitar-playing to the world, now supported by a great bandleader... Someone really should have tried to do them justice in a review at that time, because now they are so known, loved and respected locally that it's not easy to describe their effect on an audience as to someone who hasn't heard them yet. As I recall it, the first good marks go immediately to the look of the band; they look professional, the kit looks made for it, Will (Walters) puts on a showman shirt to kick it off and the shoes are right. (What was that? Well, it's a fact that you have to wear rock'n'roll footwear to play rock'n'roll guitar. That means leather, heels, and statement toes. As soon as you see Rick's feet you know his guitar playing is going to be authentic.) After you've checked the frontmen ok you look at Paul and Oliver, bass and drums: yes, solid rockers. If you're there early you'll catch a proper soundcheck, being one where someone listens to what the audience is going to hear, and makes adjustments accordingly, which must be the way forward.

The music... It comes largely from the Southern States hinterland where creole and cajun flowed into blues and country to make rock'n'roll. I forgot to mention soul, that's there too, and for a song which combines soul with rock, try You Better Move On, as covered by the Stones in '65. (It's on the FWB website.) They play a big chunk of modern Texas rock-blues, such as songs by Bonnie Raitt and The Fabulous Thunderbirds - you can almost hear Lou Beth Barton - and wander over towards Spanish California with covers of Los Lobos songs (hints of Eagles and chicano roots). Some of the most refreshing songs have beautiful chromatic harmonica melodies and sound familiar but probably aren't; Rick is a fan of Paul DeLay who played blues harmonica in the tradition until recently - Why Can't You Love Me is also on the website. Great lyrics too. However, the details may be interesting but are unimportant, as a large part of the magic of this band's set is that that everything reminds you of something, but you can't quite place it... A huge crowd at The White Lion last night had turned out to see one of the town's favourite bands and to wish Happy Birthday to Philippa, who has been booking the acts there on Dave's behalf for Tuesdays for maybe four years with great success.

Fat Walters are my cup of tea but not everbody's, and we have seen local and national bands playing in every genre here. Why, sometimes you can't get to the bar for the musos checking out who's playing. Always turn up; it's always good, and it's often shockingly excellent. Jules, Wed 21st May 08

  "Icing on the cake on Sat 15th Dec 07"

Fat Walters made their third appearance at our scuba club on the occasion of the Christmas party and what a superb time was had by all. The selection of numbers played were perfect for the occasion and the band soon had the crowd moving on from toe-tapping to full boogieing on down. The Van Morrison was particularly popular but the icing on the Christmas cake had to be Chuck Berry's "Nadine" - so good they played it twice - requested as an encore by popular demand! What a great start to Christmas! A music fan, Fri 21st Dec 07

  "Easy rockin' The White Lion, St Albans on Tue 9th Oct 07"

The second time I've seen this band recently. Again a good solid performance, obviously enjoyed by the capacity crowd. Nice keyboard backing. This band is at its best on up-tempo numbers and especially good on Latin rock. Usual rock and blues but also a few classic songs that are rarely played by other bands. A lively feel-good band that is fun to watch. They enjoy themselves and so does the crowd. Not just another run-of-the-mill band. Go see them and cheer yourself up. Highly recommended. And he's not that fat! Good pub with quality, unusual real ales, good choice of wines, and good service. A music fan, Sat 13th Oct 07

  "Easy listening The Sportsman, Croxley Green on Sat 8th Sep 07"

We were at a gig at the Pumphouse when the presenter recommended we see this band. We did and we weren't disappointed. Top men. They played the usual and not so usual laid-back rock repertoire - played note perfect. Good to listen to and good to dance to. Strong rhythm section. Best quality amplification I've heard for years. Studio quality. Chill-out crowd-pleasing band. Only criticism - more Van Morrison and more latin rock please - that would be brilliant. Derek, Watford, Sun 9th Sep 07

  "Great Band! The White Hart Tap, St Albans on Sat 19th Aug 06"

I saw this band at The White Hart Tap last night 19/8 and thought they were outstanding. They played some unusual/ different music along the rhythm 'n' blues line. My wife even enjoyed them (and that's saying something!). The line up comprised, lead singer/ guitar, lead guitar/ harmonica, drums, bass and keyboard. The boys in the engine room, ie bass 'n' drums just kept that beat going all night. They were brilliant! I thought they were all professional musicians. Highly recommended! A music fan, Sun 20th Aug 06

  "great band The White Hart Tap, St Albans on Sat 10th Jun 06"

We popped into the White Hart St Albans as we were in the area, we heard what sounded like a live band, we went in and were immediately impressed by this band, good solid r & b, blues stuff... and not to loud either. LEN CRAWLEY, Sun 11th Jun 06

  "Good Band The Blue Rock Cafe, Dunstable on Sat 9th Apr 05"

Saw these guys at Blue Rock Cafe - thought they were one of the best bands I have seen in a long while, they do not play all the miserable blues stuff it is very upbeat and one of the best lead vocals in the area. Fan, Fri 29th Apr 05